Every Child can code

Inspiring creativity through STEM & Coding

At the STEM Academy, we teach children to code through fun platforms and pathways that match their interests, equipping them to become real-world problem solvers.

Every child is a genius. Our mission is to help them find it and activate their creativity and imagination. We teaching of computer programming and advocate for STEM inclusion in classrooms around Nigeria.

Let's Teach Your Child to Code

Computer Programming is one skill that teaches children many other skills needed and required for a relevant future. In learning to code, we prepare children with core skills

Why your child should learn to code

Computer programming promotes logical thinking

Learning to code helps a students’ creativity

Develop persistence and resilience

Improves a child’s communication skills

Improves maths and problem solving

Our After School Coding Tracks

These programs run after school during the term, or during holidays


Age 5-10. New to computer programming.

  • How to drag & drop for block programming
  • How the Internet Works (Digital citizenship)
  • Sequence programming
  • Using Loops
  • Events
  • Algorithms
  • Problem Solving
  • Creating Art with Code
  • Debugging
  • Binary
  • Project: Building a simple game
  • Three certificates to be earned (Courses A, B, C)
Course Partners: Code.org


Age 7-14. Already have the basics

  • Advanced algorithms
  • Advanced problem solving & critical thinking
  • Nested loops & Advanced loops
  • Conditionals (if/else)
  • While Loops, Until Loops, For Loops
  • Functions
  • Introduction to Minecraft
  • Coding with Scratch
  • Tinkering with Makey Makey hardware
  • Digital Citizenship Modules
  • Multiple Projects
  • Four certificates to be earned (Courses C, D, E, F)

Course Partners: Code.org, Scratch, Makey Makey

Pro Level

Ages 8 - 16. Ready to go Pro

Core computer science concepts in a game based environment. Choose Python, JavaScript or C++

  • Intro to Computer Science
  • Game Development 1
  • Web Development 1
  • Computer Science 2
  • Game Development 2
  • Web Development 2
  • Computer Science 3
  • Game Development 3
  • Computer Science 4
  • Computer Science 5
  • Computer Science 6
  • Eleven Certificates to be Earned

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