The Future Starts Now

We empower kids with Computer Programming Skills and Inspire them to Dream, Create and Soar.

Block Programming

We expose kids to the technology that enables them write intelligent computer programs using blocks of code that make it look like they are playing games. Now they can build whatever they dream about.


Game Development

Don’t just play games, build games.
In our Gaming class, kids conceptualize games of varying complexity and are guided to build these games. Regular kids play games, smart kids build games.


Animation & Multimedia

We demystify cartoons and everyday animations. Kids can develop stories and communicate them by animating objects, adding voice and playing with videos.


Robotics & Artificial Intelligence

Our robotics class is a place where ideas have no limits. We program drones and robots. Our Robotics lab is still in its development stages, when complete, you just need to experience it to understand.

We Are Here To Serve Your Kids

Increase the influence of your school with one unique service that gives kids and parents more value

Every parent wants the best for their child. Computer programming is the new global language and will no doubt drive the future. Smart schools all over the world teach kids to code. Your school should not be left behind.


What We Do

At the Daveshoope Kids Code Academy, our services are designed with you in mind. We can see the future and our desire is to be your partner in preparing you, your kids and your organization to take hold of the future before it comes. And we deliver our services with world class excellence.

We Serve Schools

We help schools develop and implement a computer programming curriculum that is both relevant, futuristic and fun for the kids. If you own or run a school – Primary or Secondary and are thinking of teaching your kids to code, we are your best partners to help you implement that. You can trust our expertise.

Holiday Bootcamps

Beacuse not all schools teach coding, we run these bootcamps every holiday so that kids can within 2-4 weeks get introduced to computer programming. Our bootcamps are non-residential and are an intensive introductory period for kids and teenagers into the world of coding. They get to build games, animations and stories at the end of the bootcamp.

Personalized Home Lessons

We understand that parents have special plans and tracks for their kids. We can be your partners in working with your kids privately to help them achieve the developmental milestones. The beauty of personalized programmes is that we can focus on their areas of interests or weakness to help then stand out in that area.

We are setting up the first kids friendly robotics lab

We have been researching and working towards creating the first kids robotics lab in the region. This will be a place where kids are free to dream, build and see their dreams come true. Although this is cost intensive, we are not relenting on this dream.

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Check Out Some Stuff Our Students Have Built

In just a few weeks of starting to code, our students are already building some cool applications and games. Check out a few elementary stuff that the kids have done.

Proprietor or School Administrator? Schedule a free class and observe your kids

Some of Our Clients

We serve schools, individual families, and clubs. Hear what a few of our clients say.

“Suddenly, all the kids in my class now look forward to their coding lessons. This is one programme that makes them excited about everything else they do. Everything now revolves around coding”

Ejiro Adigwe

I have always wanted something unique to add to our school program. When I found the coding programme, I was excited. Today, our customers are more than satisfied that we took the initiative. They can see what their kids build.

Dr Elizabeth O.
School owner

“I couldn’t believe my daughter was already making animations within just weeks of starting to code. I look forward to watching my daughters creations dominate the global space.”

Sarah Udoheyop

Our Awesome Team

Behind our promise is a qualified and passionate team that gives  everything to ensure that we stay current, relevant and on top of the game. These are the guys you can trust when it comes to computer programming education.

David Ogunshola

Founder & CEO

Trained as a Computer Scientist, David started his career as a Tech Support staff with Delloite. He has worked in  corporate IT as a developer and writes code in different languages. He founded Daveshoope Webmasters in 2010 and his passion for education led him to create an EduTech service in his company. He also founded the Kids Code Academy of Daveshoope and leads it’s service design and devlivery team.

Rita Sule

Robotics Instructor

Rita trained as a Computer Engineer with first hand knowledge and experience in hardware programming and robotics. She helps setup and lead the Robotics Lab for Daveshoope

Damilola Adesodun

Curriculum Development

A Graduate of Educational Technology, Damilola understand where todays technology mees the education needs. She helps bring this understanding and expertise into our curriculums.

Rotimi Fadeyi

Finance, HR & Admin

While the creatives work on content and delivery, someone’s
 got to do the paper work. Rotimi helps keep our organization up to date while the rest of the team focuses on raising the next tech fever.

Blog Posts

We bring you the latest trends and stories from what kids are doing around the world through technology and articles about how you can help your kids maximize their coding journey.

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