What is Coding?

Computers do not think and are unable to figure things out the way human beings do, they only follow a step-by-step instruction that has been given to them. 

Coding is another word for Computer Programming. It is simply telling a computer what to do in a language that the computer understands. Coding is a new area of literacy that children will need to learn and master in the 21st century and going forward irrespective of the career fields they choose to pursue.

Most people know how to use computers but do not know how the programs are made or who made the things they use on the computer.

Computers only understand a special language called code. To create programs that the computer can understand, the instructions have to be written in code. The process of writing code to create computer programs is called programming or coding. The people who create computer programs are called programmers.

When we say we are teaching children how to code, we are simply teaching them how to create programs that work on the computer, these could be apps, games or other software that does different things like calculators, music players or artificial intelligence.